Plastic-Free 4th of July!

Whether or not you’re planning a Covid-cautious distanced get-together this Fourth of July or you’re emerging from your Covid-cocoon to throw a vacc’d-n-ready rager, plastic-free is the way to party!

Not to bash balloons, red cups or single-use decor… but think back to the last time you hosted a celebration. What did your trash can look like afterward? Stuffed with single-use paper and plastic, right?

We get it - washing a pile of dishes is exactly what you don’t want to do after a long day of hosting. All you want to do when the guests go home is tie off the trash bag of paper plates and plastic cutlery, dive onto the couch, and finish off the leftover cake in peace. You’re only human!

But, wait: You, your guests, and your reason to celebrate are better than a pile of single-use plastic trash at the end of the night! Not only will your gathering be classier with SeaBlue’s plastic-free party hacks, but we promise you will feel more celebratory when you swap single-use for sustainable.

Plastic-Free July Hacks for the Party-Hardy Ocean-Lover:

1. Reusable Cups

Plastic cups may be convenient for getting rowdy, but there are so many environmentally safer alternatives that don’t make their way into watersheds nowadays. Be it mason jars, metal cups, silicups, or whatever your single-use alternative of choice may be, you don’t have to put your fine crystal glasses in the line of fire to raise a plastic-free glass!

2. Real Plates + Silverware

OK, paper plates are very convenient. It’s undeniable. Yet… so are dishwashers! When you think about how much time and water it takes to run the dishwasher verses the time, water, transportation and overall impact of a pack of single-use cutlery… the choice is clear. Plus - your party snacks will taste better off real plates! That, too, is undeniable!

3. Alt. Straws

Straw bans are all the rage in many municipalities lately, and for good reason (we love you, turtles!). Still, there’s something about sipping a mixed drink from a straw that is so classic. Enter: plastic alternative straws. Depending on your straw style and level of commitment, the possibilities abound: metal, bamboo, and even wheat!


4. Living Decor

Balloons are fun. Pinatas are fun. Streamers are fun. Tiny plastic pirate swords are fun… But do you know what they all have in common? None of them last! They all end up in the trash truck the next day! Now, flowers, bless their whimsical souls, are fun AND they end up brightening your garden or (if no longer attached to their roots) enriching your compost pile! Nothing says “I’m here to party” while also saying “I care about the environment” like a beautiful potted flower!

5. Homemade > Store Bought

It’s hard to leave the grocery store without a few extra pounds of plastic you don’t need. Store bought cake? Less tasty than homemade AND surrounded by plastic! Dips? Same! Margarita mix? Same! Cookies? Same! As a general rule of thumb: the more you make from scratch, the less plastic packaging you bring home.

6. Gift

The best gifts (in our opinion) say, “ I care about you,” while also saying, “I care about the air you breathe, the water you drink and the planet you inhabit.” Something sustainable to be consumed, like wine in a reusable bag, is a can’t-go-wrong choice. Not sure what they want and not wanting to add more waste to their life? Give a gift card so they can pick out something they’ll actually use!