Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Years Surfing: Almost 5 years on and off

Fave Board: Spider boards are my fav

Instagram: @salty__aimee

When did you start surfing? Honestly I remember watching Blue Crush and thinking wow I probably would never be able to surf. And when my friend and I signed up for it at high school, just to try it out. It literally changed my life. Cause there I was thinking I’d never surf.

Best wipeout story? This was actually my first real wipe out and it terrified me! A few months after I started surfing I made it into grom contest and the first day we got there, the team went out for a surf, I had no knowledge on the different types of breaks nor a personal coach helping me. I remember paddling out terrified because this break was different to the beginner wave I surfed and I caught one wave and slipped next thing I remember is being tumbled and ending up all the way on the sand! Since then I’ve feared bigger waves and it took forever to gain some confidence back. Which is common with children of colour who start surfing. We get thrown into the deep end without proper coaching and sometimes that causes them to stop surfing.  

What is your most memorable surf moment? My most memorable surfing moment was the first time I stood on a board. I remember it like it was yesterday. My high school had a surfing programme where other surfers of colour taught us how to pop up on boards. And I remember it was my turn when everyone was getting out of the water and the instructor said everyone is watching you and pushed me into my first wave and I stood! From that moment I knew surfing was going to be a big part of my life :) it was like love at first Pop-up!


How has your surfing life in the water affected the rest of your life on land? Surfing has open so many doors for me and made me realise what my real passion in life is and that’s being in the water. Before I started surfing I wanted to become a Surgeon but afterwards I just want to be a marine biologist, protecting and studying our marine life and just spending every day in the water. If it wasn’t for surfing I don’t even know what my life would be like right now. I don’t even think I would’ve found myself and been the same person. Surfing has helped me accept myself and gain more confidence within my strengths. I also met someone I deeply love after I told myself that ewww I could never date a surfer boy but that was before I realised how much I just wanted to spend the rest of my life with someone who also spends all their time in the water as well.

What actions are you taking to protect our oceans? I started becoming more aware of the waste that I produce. I now make it my mission to always collect any plastic I see in the ocean and even on the beach I’m always trying to pick up all the litter. Doing my part to protect our ocean and marine life.

Favorite SeaBlue Product? I really love the bamboo coffee mug because I love drinking coffee. And it’s so cute ! Also love sunscreen that is good for your skin and the ocean!

Amy-Lee has her back to the camera, surfboard in her right hand and hip facing the blue ocean with the mountains behind