Dew Promchareon

Location: Thailand (recently moved to Scotland)

Years Surfing: 3 years

Fave Board: Log. Anything single fin is rad. I do want to try every board possible though.

Instagram: @dewpromchareon

What got you started surfing? I never got the chance to surf when I was younger but there was always something inside me that wanted to pursue it. I knew I would love it, and when there is love you know it is everything. 

Dew stretches long on a short board as the camera angle looks down the line at her surfing. Her left hand drags along the side of the wave.


Surf goals? My biggest goal is to get the Thai flag on the international surf scene, whether it’d be under my name or my friends’. Either way, I’m determined. I’ve been surfing in Thailand for the last two years and now I’ve recently moved to Scotland for university. A complete shift from bikini to 5/6mm hooded rubber has been tough. Stoked to chase some bigger swell and embrace the cold challenge nonetheless.


Dew stretches her 5 toes on the nose on a very green wave

How has your surfing life in the water affected the rest of your life on land? My lifestyle, community, friends, connection to nature, outlook and purpose on life. Almost everything.

From our marketplace products, what product switch would you like to try? Keen to try the Betty Butter . I need to stop carrying separate items to moisturize everything on the road. Heat in Thailand dried everything, and now the cold in Scotland.