Robin Pacquing

Location: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Elders and Ancestors from the Philippines

Years Surfing: 20

Fave Board: 8'11" Jimmy Lewis Striker - aka "Commander Riker"

Instagram: @robinsue

Who is your philosophy on surfing? In this day and age of instant gratification, it's very easy to be bombarded with very instagrammable surf shots of tropical blue waters, incredibly talented surfers making it look effortless, and the smiles of sun-kissed faces. However, most surfers know that it's not always like that as there is an unglamorous side of surfing that isn't always showcased: Trial and error with boards and technique; taking off a 6/5 wetsuit in the back of your car in the winter; the dank smell of drying booties; getting skunked; all the big/little injuries; personal and daily mental games and mindsets; and still plenty of inequality that needs addressing.

My philosophy on surfing is you get back what you put into it. There's so much to know about the geography, history, and culture of a spot, and getting it wrong or evidently not putting in the work to learn that knowledge could get you labelled a 'kook'. That's ok...we've all been that person, and it's all about how you move forward from it to be a better surfer. Also, when you get to the surf spot, put down the phone, and just ride the wave.

wearing a wetsuit with a hood with ice on it Robin is smiling at the camera

Best wipeout story? In 2012, I received 26 stitches after I almost had my face ripped off in Nosara, CR in a gnarly/stupid wipeout. The healing process was long, and I still think back to that traumatic day and life-changing day. My surfing has evolved plenty since then, even though I was urged to quit after the accident. I still can't feel parts of the right side of my face.

Most memorable surf moment? I have so many! Surfing with dolphins, getting dropped-in by a sea lion, rainbows, sunsets, sunshine, snowstorms, icicles, solo sessions, hold downs, fresh water and salt, contest wins, leading workshops...all of it is so memorable! But one of my most favourite memories was a few years back during a summer swell at Abay in Toronto, and realizing at that moment the majority of surfers in the line-up were women.

What ocean-friendly switch would you be most inspired to make from our collection of ocean-friendly products? Oh my, you have such an amazing array of cool stuff!! I would love to try to Super Solid Dish Soap and brush! I saw something similar at a local shop a while back and thought wow, that's super clever!

Robin is surfing on a wave, dark colors, cold water, black wetsuit