Starter Pack - Two GOpure Pods

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This is probably the smallest water filter you have ever seen and you’re going to think the world of this powerful little Pod. Because while it keeps impurities, toxins, and contaminants out of your water and out of your body, it also protects oceans and landfills from plastic pollution. The best part, it's so small you can bring it with you anywhere you go and you can add it to any container. Just drop it in and it does the work for you. Perfect for at home or when you travel.


Each Pod comes in a beautiful and fully sustainable, package-free glass vial. Want to go even greener? Send back your pod, and we GOpure will recycle it for you.


How to use:

Each pod can purify, protect and preserve up to 264 gallons of water, which is the equivalent of 2,000 refills of a standard size reusable water bottle and it will last you for about six months before you have to replace it. A silver element within the GOpure Pod maintains the hygiene of the ceramic over the course of its usage. Simply drop the GOpure Pod into any water container — your water bottle, coffee maker, jug, or pitcher — to begin the purification process.


 How is this product ocean-friendly? 


·      Plastic bottle alternative

·      Shipped and packaged using plastic-free materials

·      Circular recycling options available   


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