• $29.00

This sustainable PASSPORT COVER from GOT BAG helps you to keep your travel documents close to you and makes sure they are protected from dirt and scratches.


Ultralight and robust - your perfect companion for your next travel adventures!


Product Features:

·      Made using ocean plastic

·      BIO-PU coating

·      100% waterproof material

·      Dimensions: 6" x 4"

·      Weight: 0.04 lb

·      Color: Black

·      2-year warranty


With your purchase you help us to recover 0.4 lbs of ocean plastic!


How is this product ocean-friendly?


·      Made 100% from recycled ocean-plastic collected in Indonesia

·      GOT BAG recycles over 129 tons of ocean plastic annually

·      Recycled PET avoids using excessive oil, water, and CO2 in the supply chain

·      Establishes a waste infrastructure in rural areas

·      Made to last, reduces potential waste

·      Factories ensure fair working conditions

·      Shipped using carbon offsetting routes (using boats and trains only)


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