Tommy Gunn's Surf Wax

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Tommy Gunn’s signature secret #15. Every surfer's dream wave starts with the perfect coat of wax. For years there has been a toss-up between the big guys using petrochemicals or animal sourced products, but now you don't have to sacrifice between eco-friendly or vegan: you can have the best of both and a stick to be stoked on.


Made with a natural blend of renewable and responsibly sourced plant and tree waxes and scented with all of those wild beach dreams. Try Tommy Gunn's Surf Wax today and Let It Ride.


How is this product ocean-friendly?


·      Made 100% in the U.S.A

·      Vegan, no beeswax used

·      Eco-friendly, made without using petroleum

·      Made in small batches to reduce waste

·      Shipped using plastic-free materials

·      A percentage of every purchase is donated to Surfrider Foundation


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