We've outlined some of most common questions, we hope this helps to clear things up!

How Do I know My products are Ocean-Friendly?

Each product’s ocean-friendly attributes are listed below their descriptions. You can also read more about our process. We’re working to make this more streamlined, stay tuned!

How are you working with the small businesses to make sure their products are ocean-friendly?

So glad you asked! The back-end of what we do is almost more important than selling products on this platform. We run each small business through our ocean-friendly scorecard and dig deep into their supply-chains by asking specific questions in each of our four categories: Plastic, Ocean Contaminants, Carbon Footprint, and Human-to-Ocean Access. After our assessment we then work with our vendors one-on-one to help perfect these categories ensuring that the finished product is as ocean-friendly as possible!

Why is shipping so expensive?

We are based on a drop-ship model, meaning products are shipped from various locations. Shipping costs can, therefore, add up and seem expensive if your order entails products from different vendors. We are always working with our vendors to reduce our shipping costs to a minimum. We understand that no one enjoys pay a lot for shipping. Another point to keep in mind is that are working with a large variety of businesses, some very, very small - others a bit larger and free shipping (free to you, not the business owner), is a costly business investment- one smaller businesses simply cannot afford. We hope to be able to offer free shipping to you in the near future!

Why are the products so expensive? 

We’re not Amazon. We’re working with small business owners with small margins. To create a product with the most ocean-friendly and socially responsible supply chain (two of our requirements) means production costs are simply more expensive. On the flipside, we’re working to find more cost inclusive products to ensure everyone can afford ocean-friendly products.

Can I return anything?

Each return policy depends on each individual vendor. Please contact us if you feel dissatisfied with any product and we’ll work with you directly to ensure your customer satisfaction.

I’m a small business owner working on ocean-friendly products and I want to partner, what are my next steps?

Please contact us to discuss further details. We are always looking for new, ocean-friendly businesses to work with!

How can I shop by vendor?

We have made that so easy for you! Click here and you will be able to find a profile for each vendor, their vendor-specific shop and a brief interview about what inspired them to start their company.

How long does it take for my products to arrive?

Your products should arrive 7-10 business days after your order is placed. As we are working with our vendors to decrease their carbon footprint- some are using shipping routes alternatives, such as already in use routes (meaning your package won’t travel alone in a truck and have a HUGE carbon footprint as a result.) and these packages might take a few days longer. Remember, we’re not Amazon, we’re not trying to be Amazon. One day shipments have a MAJOR carbon footprint- something we are trying to avoid!

What is the difference between ocean-friendly and eco-friendly?

Great question! First, let’s recognize they are both blanket terms and neither have a specific guideline to fulfill the label. All of our products are centered around its impact on our oceans - plastic, chemicals that might harm our reefs, and the overall carbon footprint of the product. We’re continuously working to define what exactly makes a product ocean-friendly. You can learn more about our current selection process  and dig through our blog to read more on ocean-related topics.

How do I correctly dispose of my products when I’m done?

Great question! Each product varies slightly in ways it can be disposed of. We're working to make it as easy as possible by explaining it here. But to put it simply, check with our local waste management facilities and learn more about their recycling and composting practices.

Do you Ship Internationally?

We do ship internationally! Please keep in mind that international shipping costs are a lot more expensive than our domestic U.S. shipping costs.

Delivery Times

Expect your ocean-friendly goodies to arrive in 5-10 days.

Return Policy

Returns will vary per vendor. Please contact us if you are not satisfied!

Contact Us!

If you have more questions that were not answered here, contact us!