Our Process

Each item at SeaBlue Collective is hand-selected and then carefully vetted for ocean-friendliness.
The small businesses we feature strive to be a cut above the rest in our target categories:



Why these categories?

Reduce Plastic Waste: Because plastic is so 2019

Low Carbon Footprint: Because the ocean can only absorb so much carbon without increasing it's acidity 

Reef Safe: Because protecting our reefs (and ocean animals) from harmful chemicals is top priority 

Increasing Human-to-Ocean Access: Because educating our future to love our oceans will ensure its longevity 


Why small businesses? 

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. By partnering with small businesses we are supporting their efforts to make ocean-friendly businesses practices commonplace. Small businesses are also better connected to their own communities, by supporting them- we're supporting the work they do from inside their communities. 


Perfection is a pipe dream, and we understand that small startups face barriers to entry when implementing ocean-friendly practices. That’s why we work one-on-one with each founder to hone sustainability in every step of their production. Together we set attainable goals, so you can be assured that each product at SeaBlue Collective is hustling to be its best, most ocean-friendly self.