At SeaBlue Collective, community is our lifeblood. Back in 2017, we began as @theoceanisfemale, a storytelling platform celebrating the diversity and wisdom of women who surf. After over 1,000 interviews with surfers from all over the globe, we launched Sea Blue Collective with and for our community.

The three of us met in undergraduate and graduate school and bonded over our collective love of the ocean. We're surfers, friends, and members of a worldwide community who is simply fed up with seeing so much plastic in our oceans! SeaBlue Collective is our solution.

Our vision is to build an economy where prosperity is measured not in dollars and cents but in the health of our oceans and the vitality of our communities.


Each small business we support shares our dedication to clean and healthy oceans. Together, with hope and invention, we aim to redefine consumerism as we know it: placing our ethos above all else.

Our collective goal is to make ocean-friendly shopping convenient, transparent and inspiring. No green-washing, no eco-shaming… just small businesses with honest intentions and big dreams. We envision a world in which mindful consumerism is a joy, not a sacrifice.

Welcome to the community, ocean-lover! We invite you to let your ethos be your guide.