All-Natural Beeswax Wraps - Tropical

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It's time to ditch the plastic! These eco-friendly beeswax food wraps are the perfect alternative to plastic wraps, containers, and food storage bags.


Ingredients: Made with 100% natural materials: 100% cotton, food-grade pine resin, triple-filtered organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, and organic jojoba oil


Perfect for wrapping foods, covering leftovers, and holding snacks. The antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of the beeswax mixture help keep food fresher, longer!


Each set comes with:


- 1 Large wrap (approximately 12x12 inches)

- 1 Medium wrap (approximately 10x10 inches)

- 1 Small wrap (approximately 6x6 inches)


Handmade with love in Southern California.




1. How do I use these beeswax wraps? 


The beeswax wraps simply need the warmth of your hands. Place the wrap over the dish or directly on the food you would like to cover. Hold the wrap against the surface of the dish or the food firmly. The warmth from your hands will activate the wrap to mould onto the dish or food after a few moments.


These wraps are not intended to use with raw meat or raw fish. They should also be kept away from heat sources (microwave, oven, hot water, covering hot foods, etc.) as the beeswax will melt.


2. How do I clean my beeswax wraps?


Cleaning up is a (island) breeze! All you have to do is run the wraps under cold water. Really. That's it! You can also use mild dish soap and light elbow grease for spot treatment. If only all dishes could be washed this way...


3. How else can I use these beeswax wraps?


Since the wraps can bond to itself, they can be folded as snack pouches. Other uses include, but are not limited to:


- wrapping soap/shampoo bars

- storing homemade play dough for children

- covering wine bottles

- storing baby pacifiers in diaper bag

- wrapping presents


4. What do I do if the beeswax wraps start cracking?


This is something that can happen after several uses. The good news is that this can be fixed and your beeswax wraps can be refreshed! All you need to do is place the wraps on a lined baking tray and in the oven on low heat (275 degrees) for 3 minutes. Once you see the wax melt, carefully pick up the beeswax wraps and wave dry for several seconds. 


5. How long do beeswax wraps last?


With proper tender aloha care, these wraps should last between 6-12 months. When it's time to part with them, they can be used as compost or fire starters.


6. Can I return these beeswax wraps?


Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and in an effort to protect the site of production and other customers, returns will not currently be accepted. If you have a question or concern, I am happy to hear from you and will do all that I can to address your need.


About Mālama Wraps


Inspired by the Hawaiian value of Mālama [pronounced mah-lah-ma], which means to care for & protect, our reusable, eco-friendly beeswax food wraps are handmade to preserve food while helping to reduce waste on Earth while fighting homelessness and hunger. 


10% of proceeds from each sale will support food pantries across the nation obtain and distribute meals to those in need. Mahalo (thank you) for your time and for being a part of our mission to help protect & preserve our Earth, the food it makes, and the people who live on it!


How is this product ocean-friendly?


·      Reusable alternative to a plastic, single-use product

·      100% natural materials

·      Compostable, zero waste

·      Shipped using plastic-free materials


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