Detox Gua Sha Sculpting Tool

  • $75.00

A facial sculpting tool that decreases puffiness and promotes blood circulation

The Gua Sha Sculpting Tool is designed to replicate an ancient Chinese healing tool. When used with long, firm massage strokes, Gua Sha can promote blood flow to the face, increasing skin radiance, helping draw out toxins and decreasing puffiness by stimulating the lymphatic system.

The DETOX | Gua Sha Sculpting Tool is made from Jade. The tool is strategically shaped with curves and edges designed to manipulate the tissues in your face more effectively than your hands could. The smooth edges easily fit into the palm of your hand and can be used to give the effect of a natural face lift, as well as releasing the muscle tension responsible  for fine lines, wrinkles, and even headaches. When used over time, you may notice more defined and sculpted facial features. 

Designed for all skin types.

How can this help my skin?

- Promotes blood flow and increases circulation

- Decreases puffiness in the skin

- Lifts, defines, and sculpts 

- Relieves muscles tension and headaches

How do I use it?

Prepare the skin our CALM | Facial Massage Oil and perform light-to medium-pressure strokes with the tool in an outward and upward motion, using 5 strokes for each massage. The curvatures of the tool are used for specific parts of the face. The tool should be slightly flush to the skin at a 45 degree angle.

Back and Neck

Start by opening the back and front of your neck (with upward and downward strokes using the V of the tool) and move onto the shoulders (side to side using the body of the tool). Opening the neck and shoulders will allow the face to open.


As you move to the face, start from the jawline and use the V of the tool from center of chin to ears - give a gentle massage once you get to the ears using the tool. Move onto the lip in an outward and upward motion with the smooth edge of the tool - this helps sculpt those with frowning smiles. Use the waist to sculpt the cheekbones and give a gentle massage once you get to the ears. Using one of the V sides, use light pressure in an outward and upward motion. Use the smooth side of the tool to lift from brow bone to top of forehead and massage at the end. The comb can be used between your eyebrow and at the Third eye by using feather light strokes up and down, side to side to tighten the appearance of wrinkles.

Is this right for me?

The Gua Sha Sculpting Tool is great for all skin types, especially for those who want to elevate their skincare regime.


Be gentle under the eyes, along the jawline, and neck areas. Use opposite fingers to lightly keep the skin taut when massaging over thin skin, particularly under the eyes.

How can I keep this safe?

Always clean your tool with warm water after use so that it’s fresh and clean. Let dry completely before storing.

How is this product ocean-friendly?


·      Packaging made from FSC certified & recycled paper

·      Packaged using 90% plastic-free packaging

·      Plastic-free product

·      Never tested on animals


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