Dish Soap Bar

  • $12.00

Replace your dish soap bottle with a bar and save on plastic! This Dish Soap Bar is made from all-natural biodegradable ingredients and effectively cuts grease and provides a sudsy clean for your dishes. Completely unscented and fragrance-free. A little goes a long way when you rub your sponge or scourer onto the bar. The ultimate plastic-free kitchen essential! 


To use, simply rub your brush/sponge/scourer onto dish soap bar until it gets sudsy and lathers. Wash dishes as usual. Works in warm or cold water but we recommend warm water for best results. Keep dry when not in use. 


Fun fact, this Dish Soap Bar can also be used as a stain remover, pet shampoo, surface cleaner, shaving soap, you name it!


Ingredients: Water, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Sodium Hydroxide (none remains in the final product after saponification process). 

How is this product ocean-friendly?


·     Made with all-natural ingredients

·     Plastic-free & 100% biodegradable packaging

·     Produced in small batches to reduce waste

·     Shipped using plastic-free materials


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