Dissolvable Dog Waste REFILL Bags (4)

  • $7.99

Solubag's Non-Plastic is better than biodegradable! These doggie bags are cold-water soluble that completely dissolve in as little as 5 minutes. Imagine never having to throw away another plastic bag. Imagine a world where plastic is no longer pollution.


Instructions for use: Simply discard bag and dog waste into a trash bin without the guilt of contributing to a landfill OR, even better, drop the bag in the toilet, allow 10 seconds for the bag to dissolve and flush!


Product Features:

·      Bags Dissolve Easily in Cold Water

·      4 Rolls of Dog Waste Bags

·      10 Bags Per Roll


 How is this product ocean-friendly? 

·      Replaces a plastic product

·      Dissolves with cold water leaving no residue

·      Dissolves faster than biodegradable alternatives


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