EarthRx Bodpods® Individual Body Wash Pods 36ct (1 Pack)

  • $17.85

The Natural Beauty of Zero Waste, Zero Trace Products


The first-ever individual body wash pods that deliver a pure clean with extra mild, ultra-rich ingredients that moisturize your skin while eliminating the need for harmful plastic bottles, jars, or containers. The pack contains 36 pods.


Product Details:


Plant-Based Formulas:

Clean, extra mild ingredients beautify your skin and protect the oceans from harsh chemicals. 


Ultra-Rich Lather:

Ocean-friendly moisturizers create a luxuriously nourishing shower for silky feeling skin and a clear conscience.


Biodegradable Pods:

Individual body wash pods fully dissolve in water releasing the perfect amount of body wash without any waste.


Sustainable Packaging:

Compostable zip closures and soft pouches printed with plant-based, biodegradable inks, eliminate the need for harmful plastic bottles and containers.


Single-Use Clean:

Every shower starts with a perfectly pristine, dissolvable individual body wash pod, while bar soaps and dispensers are exposed to multiple handlings.


How is this product ocean-friendly? 


·      Plant-based formulas, ocean-safe

·      Zero waste: biodegradable pods and packaging

·      Shipped using plastic-free packaging

·      Completely eliminates plastic body-wash containers from your life!


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