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You don't want to miss out on this ultimate plastic-free shower & skincare bundle! This Green Room bundle contains:

Hair - Choose between the Floral bars + Purple Fields travel tinFresh bars + Van Life travel tin, or the Sunny bars + Van Life travel tin from the menu below. 

Body - One soap for the shower, one soap for beside the sink, and one soap to store in your clothes drawer for a little aromatherapy every time you get dressed. 

Face - For Your Face and Tuff Stuff are a dynamic duo with a mission objective of protection, locking in moisture, and softening the skin. Some fun tips and trick with these two products: 

  • Try mixing some Tuff Stuff with a little bit of the For Your Face or another daily moisturizer/oil serum to create a light and creamy foundation-like texture. The tint will help to cover up any unwanted spots or dark circles.
  • Soft glossy lips are an all-day-any-place kinda vibe. For Your Face also doubles as a lip balm! 

Accessories - Keep your bars working their best and lasting their longest with our travel tin, recycled plastic soap dish and soap saver bags. 

How is this product ocean-friendly? 

  • Shipped and packaged using recycled material
    Ethically sourced, responsibly made
  • Produced in small batches to reduce waste and energy use
  • Made with all plant and mineral-based ingredients
  • Will eliminate multiple plastic bottles out of your self-care routine!

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