Laundry Detergent - Liquidless Sheets

  • $9.99

This Laundry Detergent from Solubag is perfect if you’re trying to eliminate large plastic detergent containers that are in reality mostly filled with water! These sheets are enough for 24 loads and are made with the Solubag dissolving formula transporting detergent into your laundry without the mess!


Product Features:

·      Liquid-less Laundry Sheets

·      24 Loads

·      Hypoallergenic and Color-Safe

·      Biodegradable 

·      No Measuring Needed


 How is this product ocean-friendly? 

·      Reduces daily plastic use 

·      Eliminates harsh chemicals from entering the waterways

·      Produces minimal waste

·      Packaged in recyclable boxes


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