Luxuriate Laundry Kit

  • $16.00

Enjoy our Luxuriate Laundry Kit by Perfect Blue Alchemy containing three (3) 100% organic wool dryer balls and a 0.5 oz dropper top bottle of our Luxuriate Laundry Essence. For a clean and all-natural household!

Luxuriate Laundry Essence contains Tuberose, Cedarwood, Lemon, and Eucalyptus essential oils.

Your dryer balls will last for at least an entire year of constant use. Use three balls together for your large laundry loads.  

100% organic wool dryer balls eliminate static and wrinkles from your clothing so you can skip harsh, toxic chemicals from fabric softeners or overly fragranced dryer sheets that can cause irritations. 

Add 5-15 drops of laundry essence to each ball to gently scent your laundry as it dries.

How is this product ocean-friendly?


·      Handcrafted and made in small batches 

·      Made with only natural oils and plant essences

·      100% Natural and chemical-free

·      Never tested on Animals


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