Mermaid Tear Catchers

  • $20.00

The Mermaid Tear Catcher, invented by our South African recycling partner, Litter4Tokens, is an award-winning invention! Winner of the STOMP 2019 awards, and the 2019 CLiP Innovation Conference: Stem the Tide of Plastic Waste Technology - CefasUK, UK Government, the Commonwealth Blue Charter & Commonwealth Litter Programme.

This little disk has holes large enough for sand to pass through, but small enough to trap microplastic and Nurdles.


(Nurdles are lentil-sized plastic pellets called Mermaid Tears because they are dangerous to sea creatures.)


These disks are fun and educational, and they help remove dangerous Nurdles and microplastic from the beach!


The unique code is for you to track the scientific data - log onto: to register all the microplastic you collect.


How is this product ocean-friendly? 


·      Packaged & shipped using plastic-free materials

·      Made using ocean-bound, recycled plastic

·      Tool to clean up micro-plastic making its way into our oceans!

·      Proceeds support Sea Hugger’s ocean conservation education programs


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