Palo Santo Wax "Triangle Stack"

  • $15.00

Palo Santo is a tree burned by Shamans and Medicine people for its energy cleansing and healing properties. That is why Kassia + Surf infused their magic wax with it to help you clear your energy before each session. Our triangle shape is built to snap a piece off and save the rest for later so each bar lasts you longer and you always have a corner...




Product Features:

·      Triangle Stack is 3 bars of wax

·      One temperature per stack

·      COLD * >60°F

·      COOL * 58-68°F

·      WARM * 65°F<


How is this product ocean-friendly? 

·      Locally made in California

·      Made using minimal amounts of petroleum and shells

·      Packaged using recycled materials and reusable container

·      Made in small batches with local family business


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