Endangered Species Keychain - Polar Bear

  • $35.00

Limited series keychain made with 100% upcycled leather by Italian artisans. A portion of your support is donated to marine conservation. Opus Mind's mission is to design meaningful pro-environmental products. Check out their backpacks for more sustainable options. 

The polar bear is a symbol of the impact of climate change. While the fashion industry waste fuels the impact on our ecosystem, take a stand in creating awareness for change.

This is the perfect functional gift for ourselves and others that makes a statement with its qualitative finishing.

  • made in Italy by expert artisans
  • 100% upcycled leather - RCS100 certified
  • 3.5" h x 3" w x 0.2" d 


How is this product ocean-friendly? 


·      Made using upcycled leather from RecycLeather

·      Recycled leather reduces water use by 50% than a standard tannery

·      Designed for durability, long lasting

·      Designed for circularity, easy to repair and reuse

·      Ships plastic-free


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