Soap Saver Bag + Bar Soap

  • $12.99
A soap saver bag is more than just an eco-friendly replacement for plastic shower puffs! This is how a soap saver bag will level up your low-waste body care routine:
  • extend the life of soap and shampoo bars
  • are an effective way to store soap
  • double as a light exfoliator
  • help control slippery soap bars for kids
  • and 100% cotton and fully compostable at end of use!

Add one of any of our small batch soaps to finish it off. Our scents include: Lavender Zinc, Aloe Mint, Charcoal & Clay, Seaweed & Cedar, and Oat Milk Latte. 


The traditional cold process method of making soap never ceases to amaze - from natural oils, butters, botanicals, and minerals to luxurious lathers and beautiful skin. 


Each soap is a work of art. Every ingredient is measured and poured with precision and every bar cut by hand. These carefully crafted soaps are a delicious plastic-free alternative for sudsing your bod.

How is this product ocean-friendly? 


·      Packaged in compostable plantable pouches/or naked

·      Shipped and packaged using recycled material

·      Ethically sourced, responsibly made

·      Produced in small batches to reduce waste and energy use

·      Made with all plant and mineral-based ingredients

·      Will eliminate plastic out of your self-care routine

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